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TROTEC TTK 650 S dryer



Air dehumidifier TROTEC TTK 650S - reliable quality and great ability dehumidification.

Trotec TTK 650 S dehumidifier traditional EU production which proves that it is possible to combine low price and high quality.

Using this dehumidifier for repair of damage due to flooding or drying out of the construction site, the device will provide you with a low cost or no compromise in terms of development andreliability of traditional EU production.

The frequent changes in location are not a problem for the TTK 650 S thanks to a stable load-bearing structure and large wheels for fast and easy transfer.

The main switch is protected against dust and water with a protective cap and rotary switch humidistat with slot is secured against unintentional rotation switch.

Professional automatic hot gas defrosting system successfully dehumidified and at low temperatures. Due to the high performance dehumidifying this commercial odlvaživač is equipped with connection for kondeznacijsko hose instead of the water tank.

Air dehumidifier TROTEC TTK 650S can be equipped with hour meter or dual counter for the number of hours and kilowatt hours. 



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