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The Sabiana Duck Strip radiant panels are produced in 8 different models, with 2 standard colours, and others upon request. Each model features elements measuring 4 and 6 metres in length (3 and 5 metres upon request). Each element can be easily connected by pressfittings or by welding the pipes (in the latter case the pipes are supplied with belled ends to assist coupling and welding). 
The radiant heating panels feature a practically flat bottom, ideal for installation in environments with lower ceilings. The wide range of colours available allows the use of solutions that are in perfect harmony with the architectural design of the building. 
The first and last elements are fitted with welded headers and tested in the factory using advanced automated processes. 
The hanging brackets are welded each meter to the panels, ensuring maximum installation flexibility. 
Consequently, systems can be developed using radiant heating panels to any whole-metre length and with different solutions for the internal circuit, so as to optimise the pressure drop, the uniformity of the ambient temperature and minimise the length of the fluid distribution pipes. 
The heating capacity values have been certified by the leading European laboratory in the sector (University of Stuttgart), applying the European EN 14037 standard. 
The painting process, using an epoxypolyester resin powder coat dried in a furnace at 180°C, ensures high resistance over time, in compliance with the international standard ISO 2409, certified by tests performed at the Milan Polytechnic University. 


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