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The Duck Vap radiant heating panels have been designed to respond to the need to ensure optimum comfort from a radiant system in all industrial environments where a traditional heating plant is not feasible. 
One or more steam generators under vacuum, or VAS, installed in a sheltered location outside, cause the steam to expand inside the suitably modified pipes of the radiant heating panels, with condensate return by gravity. 
The circuit is closed and sealed, there is no consumption of steam and consequently no need to top up the water. The vacuum system steam to be produced at a maximum temperature of 110°C, corresponding to a relative pressure of 0.45 bar (1.45 bar absolute). 
The main advantages involve exceptionally uniform temperature in the environment, fast stabilisation of the operating conditions, and a particularly simple and long lasting system with reduced energy consumption (almost no power consumption). 
The Sabiana Duck Vap radiant panels are produced in 6 different models, with 2 standard colours, and others upon request. Each model features elements measuring 4 and 6 metres in length (3 and 5 metres upon request). Each element can be easily connected by welding the pipes supplied with belled ends. 
The first and last elements are fitted with welded headers and tested in the factory using advanced automated processes. 
The painting process, using an epoxypolyester resin powder coat dried in a furnace at 180°C, ensures high resistance over time, in compliance with the international standard ISO 2409, certified by tests performed at the Milan Polytechnic University.


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