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Heating forced air suspension with fuel burners or indirect gas combustion. - Sale and rent

The AERO hot generators are forced to indirect combustion capacity. Equipped with a fuel 2-stage burner (AERO 110 F) or a burner propane gas (95 AERO GP) or natural gas (NG 95 AERO) they have a high efficiency heat exchanger for their connection to a chimney. They can use in direct blow indoor or be connected to air supply ducts. They are particularly heating agricultural or industrial buildings, greenhouses or livestock buildings ...



The AERO offer heating capacities and very high air flow rates permitting mounted fast and homogeneous temperature in the premises to be heated. Their high yields give their performance / very attractive operating costs. Thanks to their two independent motors can be used in ventilation only, for summer, for example. AERO 110 is also equipped as standard with a 2-stage burner for selecting the power output of the device as needed.


Simple to install


The one-piece design allows to deliver the devices ready for use with the burner in place, wired and preset. Simply connect the devices to a power supply 230 V single phase and a fuel supply, and plug them into a conduit of suitable chimney. A simple combustion control will be necessary during the commissioning.



Their burner has an automatic ignition can be controlled by a room thermostat, a clock, a timer (options) or other climate management system. They are equipped with all the safety devices allowing them unattended.



The powerful fan of AERO enables connection of a (max 50 M) or two blowing sheaths (20M max each). It also allows connection of a suction duct (max 10M) when the installation requires to resume air from outside the area where the appliance is installed (optional adapter).




  • Room thermostat
  • Clock
  • timer
  • blow sends 1 or 2 outputs
  • return air connection with setting register
  • Connection for burner air intake
  • supply ducts or recovery
  • Chimney units
  • Fuel filter heater
  • fuel pump strainer
  • propane gas expansion kits or natural gas comprising 1 stop valve, 1 gas filter and regulator
  • Gas Supply Hose
  • mobile frame with wheels AERO 95 ...


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