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Heating forced air moving in direct combustion propane.

The SOVELOR portable furnaces PLB series are direct combustion devices operating on propane gas supply (bottle (s) or tank). On the quality / price / performance more interesting, they represent the ideal solution to heat workstations, areas in ventilated areas, construction sites, to frost or heat storage volumes ... Simples of use and handy, they are always ready to use and do not demand a very low maintenance.



From compact, light and handy, PLBs are immediately placed in the desired location and are easily transportable.


Ready to use

The generators of the BLP series are delivered ready for use with propane gas pressure regulator, safety stop gas, gas supply pipe and electrical connection cable with plug.Their commissioning is fast and simple: just connect to a propane gas supply (bottle (s) or tank) and a 230 V single phase.



From a thermal efficiency of 100%, the BLP deliver their heat immediately without pre-heating period. Their heat output can be modulated through this control valve on the entire range. PLBs "E" can operate completely automatically by connecting a thermostat, a timer, a humidistat (options) ...



PLBs have as standard an integrated overheat protection, fan controller, a gas stop security that is automatically activated in the event of breakage or leakage of the supply pipe, 2 grilles (on the suction and blowing) and a permanent flame control thermocouple (v M) or with ionizing radiation (E version).



In order to precisely fit the needs of everyone, PLBs can be equipped with the following accessories:

  • BLP / M or E: Connection lyres 2, 3, 4 or 5 bottles for use at full power for many hours
  • BLP / E:
    • single or sealed room thermostat
    • clock
    • Timer ...


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