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Heating mobile convection equipped with fuel burners or indirect gas combustion.


The JUMBO.EX are furnaces with indirect combustion fully enclosed and have a beam chassis for their movement by forklift or crane. Generators of high-end, they are designed to be parked outdoors permanently, for all time. Equipped choice of fuel burners, natural gas or propane gas, JUMBO.EX are especially suited for heating marquees, exhibition halls, shops, churches, halls, industrial premises, gyms, warehouses, or ... mounting on wheeled chassis.



Featuring a frame mounted on a base made up of two longitudinal beams, JUMBO.EX are designed to withstand the harshest weather:

  • Body in lacquered panels with galvanized liner on a rigid frame enclosing the entire structure,

  • burner cabinet and electrical cabinet with lock,
  • IP55 electrical box with circuit breaker malfunction witnesses and function selector,
  • combustion chamber in stainless steel with heat exchanger high efficiency,
  • large centrifugal fan high pressure air flow with IP55 motor, helical or fan, lighter and can operate on 230 V single phase.
  • support pole avoiding the dislocation of the chimney by high winds ...



The JUMBO.EX deliver power and very high air flow rates, to heat quickly and evenly in volumes of more than 5000 M3. They are equipped with a reversing switch for operation in ventilated 
ation only during the warm season. 
The JUMBO.EX can operate in single blow (suction outside air) or recycling by connecting the air intake of the generator to the local heating by a sheath.



The JUMBO.EX are equipped with all the elements allowing their safe use:

  • cabinet with safety circuit breakers,
  • dual thermostat regulates the fan and stopping the generator in case of excessive internal temperature,
  • burners with permanent flame control, security boxes,
  • protective grid on the air suction,
  • body panels lined to prevent warming of the outer walls of the generator,
  • total compartmentalization of technical parts with door equipped with a lock.



  • multi-output blower starts (1, 2 or 4 outputs)
  • flexible ducts blowing or recovery class M2
  • rigid galvanized ducts
  • moveable tank double-walled 700 L or 1000 L for storing fuel
  • Kit combi fuel
  • sealed room thermostat
  • Clock
  • Thermostatic clock ...



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