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Heating fixed convection burners with fuel oil indirect combustion.


The SOVELOR SF 18, SF 25 and SF 35 are furnaces compact and silent pulsed. They can be delivered without burner or equipped with a fuel burner. With their small size, their characteristics and their modern embodiment, the SF 18, SF 25 and SF 35 are particularly suitable for heating houses, offices, workshops, garages, exhibition halls, shops ...



Available in 18, 23 or 35 kW, the SF 18, SF 25 and SF 35 offer very high yields (91 and 92%). These features, combined with their fans airflows can heat quickly and evenly volumes up to 1000 M3.



Automatic operation and connection to a room thermostat, a clock, a timer (option), allow exactly adjust the desired temperature without wasting energy, thermal efficiency limiting consumption to a minimum.



The SOVELOR SF 18, SF 25 and SF 35 are designed to minimize their noise:

  • • thermo-acoustic insulation body panels.
  • Fairing all elements of the generator, including the burner.
  • centrifugal fan low speed. The well-equipped SF 18, SF 25 and SF 35 series feature:
  • In a flashback to combustion chamber with heat exchanger, with two access doors for easy maintenance.
  • On centrifugal fan double suction and blades inverted for connecting generators on ductwork.
  • From a removable air filter frame and protective grille for easy cleaning.
  • Blowing grids that can be oriented and a suction grille at the bottom.
  • From a control panel with selector On / Off and inverter Summer / Winter allowing ventilation during the summer.
  • On the bi-thermostat controlling the fan and the burner stops in case of accidental overheating ...



The SF 18, SF 25 and SF 35 can be optionally equipped with:

  • From a fuel burner
  • On the room thermostat
  • One clock
  • On the plenum for connection to ducting, custom
  • horizontal versions ...
  • chimney elements
  • fuel storage tanks ...
  • pump strainer.


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