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Portable heating forced air propane gas with battery

The MDC BLP17 is a portable furnace equipped with an integrated Lithium 14.4 V battery. It could equally be a 230 V single-phase or without power its battery then gives it a range of up to 8 hours before recharging. Supplied with lithium battery, battery charger and AC adapter, the MDC BLP17 is the first mobile convection heater in fully autonomous propane.


Retaining all the attributes that are the strength of this type of device (ease of use, size and weight reduced, performance ...) is the champion of mobility: lightweight and easy to move, it can be used in places with no power supply while benefiting from the ability to use a conventional mains. To recharge the Lithium simply unclip the unit and position it on the charger. Charging takes about 1 hour for an operating range of more than 8 hours.The BLP17MDC is a direct fired heater: it can be used outdoors or in ventilated rooms or open to the outside. Its ignition is done manually by means of an integrated piezo igniter. Supplied with hose and regulator, it connects to the propane gas cylinders 13 or 35 Kg. With a thermal efficiency of 100%, it delivers its heat immediately without pre-heating period. Its heat output can be easily modulated from 10 to 16 KW through the control valve. The BLP17MDC is a safe device: it has an integrated overheat protection, a permanent flame control thermocouple and a gas-stop security that is automatically activated in the event of breakage or leakage of the gas pipe.




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