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TROTEC TTK 355 S dryer



Air dehumidifier TROTEC TTK 355 S - new champion of price to quality ratio in the class of 70 liters

Reducing high levels of relative humidity in the minimum time or maintaining large room dry - TTK 355 S is here in his element.

This is an easy task for the TTK 355 S for intelligent combination of a strong 27.1 kW rotary compressor and a quality fan with a flow of 1000m³ per hour.

Due to the high circulation of air, heat exchange system is still able to attract a large amount of moisture from the surrounding air to rapidly dry out. Daily one can draw up to 70 liters of moisture from the air using only one air dehumidifier TTK 355 S.

At the same time, in comparison with other systems thawing, TTK 355 With its high-quality system of hot gas defrost, guarantees a much better performance without pause for defrosting, during which stops the process of dehumidification.

Frequent changes of location and use in severe conditions are no problem with this device.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, and portable design with handles and large wheels, dehumidifier TTK 355S can be easily transported to the site or via the stairs. The wheels leave no marks on the floor or osjetljviim substrates.

Special casing offers maximum protection of electronic components of all the dangers that can affect the functionality and durability of the product.

All electronic circuits in Dehumidifiers are reliably protected from dust and moisture.

Air dehumidifier TTK 355 S takes up surprisingly little space and for practical slot at the top it is possible to stack other TTK-S models against each other to save space.


First visible decorated control panel - protected metal barriers

2. Registration is equipped with hour meter, and optionally available and counter kilowatt hours.

3. Double-slots allow stacking TTK dehumidifier same size each other to save space.

4. Special housing protects the electronics from dangerous situations.

5th is available strong condensation pump with performance up to 50 meters and a maximum height of the pump up to 4 meters. It can be used for continuous drying of building entire floors of buildings.



  • developed, designed and yield of 100% Trotec
  • high performance dehumidification at low temperatures
  • maximum protection of the electronics from moisture and dust
  • easy to maintain
  • optimal handling
  • stable structure adapted to often carry
  • portable and easy to store thanks to the rotary compressor
  • practical grooves with stacking dehumidifier to save space
  • proven and tested quality Germany


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