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Portable very high pressure centrifugal fan


The V2 is a centrifugal fan operating on a single phase 230 V power supply. Equipped with a powerful motor, it delivers a useful and very high air velocity pressure. It is recommended for applications requiring connection to a long length of flexible or rigid air duct, or for inflation of mobile or temporary flexible structures. For this purpose it is equipped as standard with an automatic check valve clogging the air outlet in case of power failure, thus preventing the structure deflate quickly.



Powerful and efficient

V2 is equipped with an engine of 1800 W allowing it to deliver an air pressure of 2250 Pa, exceptional value for a portable powered fan 230 V single phase. This high performance engine gives it very high performance while consuming minimal power. It can be connected over a long length of discharge ducts (up to 48 meters with a 150 mm diameter flexible tubing) or on an inflatable structure. The free air flow V2 is 1850 M3 / H.



Simple to use

Boasting an IP24 protection index, the V2 can be installed optionally to indoor (excluding bathrooms) or outdoors. It should in no way be used to convey flammable vapors, corrosive or detonating. Small, the V2 is very easy to carry, even floor or basement. Its installation is quick and easy use: delivered with cable and plug, just connect it to a suitable power supply, connect a supply duct if necessary and press the control switch to get a powerful ventilation. His body of high density polyethylene gives it a high impact resistance.



    • flexible ventilation duct Ø 150 mm - Length 12 m. with drawstring fastening and suspension rings ref. ACC13. 2 ducts can be connected directly with each other without connection or sleeve.






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