TWL-E 250



Compact inlet and exhaust air unit in a 30 mm thick, insulated and cold-bridge-free housing with large inspection doors. The outside of the unit consists of galvanized sheet steel with foil coating in RAL7035, the inside and all built-in galvanized sheet steel. A countercurrent plate heat exchanger made of plastic with moisture recovery is installed in the unit. Air filters for outdoor air F6 and exhaust air G4 are integrated in the unit. The unit is equipped with maintenance-free forward-curved, constant-volume, high-performance fans with electronically commutated ECM DC motors. The control unit is installed in the device. The scope of supply includes a control panel with display for surface mounting. The three stages 
of the fans can be manually or automatically selected via a time program. The scheme of an electric, or pump hot water heating coil is 
possible directly via the control. The connecting pieces are designed with a nominal width of 160mm and are positioned with a slope of 45 ° on the side of the device in order to be able to connect both horizontally and vertically to the mains supply.

Optional accessories:

• Electric 2.4 kW / 1 Ph / 230 - 160 mm diameter 
• hot water heaters for duct installation 
• Continuity or 3-way valve motor operated 
• elastic cuffs 
• Airstream. Shutter 
• Replacement filter G4 / F6

Technical specifications:

Rated flow: 250 m³ / h 
External pressure (at Vnom): 150 Pa 
Flow rate: 50 - 320 m³ / h 
Power consumption: 94W * 
Specific electrical power consumption: 0.399 W / (m³ / h) * 
Power supply: 230 V 
efficiency heat recovery: 92% 
efficiency moisture recovery: 70% 
filter classes: AUL F6 / ABL G4 
voltage: 230V / 50Hz 
dimensions: L x H x D: 950 x 600 x 600 mm 
weight: 80 kg 
Permissible ambient temperature: 0 to + 45 ° C


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