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The InoxMono series has been designed to offer the maximum guarantee of safety and long life in the discharge of flue gas from heat generators. The choice of the materials, the use of the latest construction techniques, the care paid to every accessory, the continuous checks on the products and the production process, guarantee the absolute reliability of the Sabiana flues. 
Each element in contact with the flue gas is made from AISI 316L stainless steel, 0.5 mm thick, with longitudinal microplasma welding. All the support and fastening elements are made from AISI 304 stainless steel (aluminium adjustable flashing and storm collar). 
The male and the female ends of each element are made together using the same belling machine, so as to ensure perfect coupling, with a minimum tolerance of +/- 0.4 mm. 
The InoxMono series includes 11 different inside diameters (from 80 to 300 mm) and a complete series of accessories for satisfying all installation requirements. 

La serie InoxMono comprende 11 differenti diametri interni (da 80 a 300 mm) ed una serie completa di accessori, in grado di soddisfare ogni tipo di esigenza di installazione.


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