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TROTEC T660 moisture meter



T660 is a professional hand-held measuring device for quickly measuring humidity, which is located below the surface of a material without the need without destroying the material whose moisture content is measured.

Using microwave technology it is possible to detect the distribution of moisture to a depth of 20-40 mm . An additional advantage of this method, with a great measuring depth, is independent from the level of salt present in the material . Using microwave technology so there is no difference when measuring humidity in old or new buildings. 

For an immediate evaluation of the measured data, the functions are available minimum, maximum and average readings. Also the current measured value can be stored. The display device is able to clearly show two values at the same time, if you need to check the result of some of the built-in functions with simultaneous display the current measured values. 

A particular practical advantage is the alarm function : Before the measurements entered the maximum permissible amount of moisture. In this way it is possible to examine the large wall surfaces quickly and efficiently. The system operator can concentrate on the object of measurement without the need to continually watch the measurement results on the screen. As soon as the measured value exceeds the allowed limit, automatically occurs beep! 

Since the T660 is equipped with an innovative key management, all functions of the device can be operated using one hand while the other hand remains free during measurement.


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