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TROTEC T210 thermo-hygrometer



T210 is a professional handheld meter to measure relative humidity and temperature in homes, offices, production facilities and warehouses. As a quality German product, T210 surprises with its digital precision, which can not be compared with the usual precision analog gauges. 

Precision sensors of the thermo-hygrometer are built into the measuring head unit and are protected from dirt and dust particles, metal mesh, and allow you to quickly and accurately determining relative humidity and air temperature . Both values are simultaneously displayed on the large and clearly the touch screen. 

Besides these features, using this instrument can also measure the dew point and absolute humidity. It has the ability to display temp. in ° C and ° F, and displays all measured Min, Max and average values. Pressing the Hold function can also keep them. The device can be connected to a computer via a USB cable, and the measured values stored in računalo.Velika help in determining the required parameters for subsequent installation of various devices that maintain a proper microclimate. 

T210 is truly a handheld device: the shape, dimensions and weight of the instrument are adjusted to professional work and all these functions can be displayed using one hand, press your thumb on the control key. In this case we always other hand free to work.



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