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TROTEC H DL200 Data Logger - recorder data



Data Loggers from   MultiMeasure Professional Series are manufactured in Germany and are suitable for a variety of applications in industry and construction, where it is necessary to continuously measure over a longer period of time. 

Recorder data TROTEC DL 200H with its two built-in sensors can simultaneously measure and record air temperature, dew point, relative and absolute humidity.

Therefore, the model  DL200H so well suited for monitoring microclimate conditions in buildings, computer centers, museums or archives. It is also ideal for controlling climate-sensitive manufacturing processes.

Power is derived through the battery which allows independent operation - ideal for surveyors and estate agents. With the added option of "Power over Ethernet" is possible and the power connection via the LAN connection.


DL 200 H can detect up to 24 kinds of measurement channels and can simultaneously record up to 20 independent measurement channels that can be individually configured.

Thanks to the wide range of possible applications, the device is ideal for monitoring climatic conditions in buildings, control of climatic conditions in the sensitive production processes, server rooms or archives.


The device has a serial integrated LAN and USB interface for fast data transfer.

Pro software for configuration and processing of the measured values

Each measuring device comes with Pro software, which allows simultaneous reading with an unlimited number of dataloggers. And when using a LAN connection, users do not even need to be near the product.

With the ability to collect data from an unlimited number of sensors, using the supplied program can create reports or export the recorded value of the archive.

Real time data via the LAN port

All the data logger from the DL series can be assigned to individual IP addresses, even in networks with many different types of dataloggers.In this way it is possible to transmit the measured values over a network or the configuration via the network.

Power over Ethernet

Power supply is possible via the LAN (PoE). In this case the internal battery function as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).


Additional features:

  • Capacity to 3,200,000 measurement values
  • Simultaneous recording of up to 20 measurement channels
  • The timer, alarm function and measurement interval for each channel
  • Display with three rows to display measured values
  • Supplied with Pro software;


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