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BONECO 7052 humidity regulator (humidistat)



Health professionals recommend that the relative humidity should be between 40% and 60%. Then the best feeling and that feeling says that the humidity in the room perfect. The humidity level is also perfect for health, for animals and plants in the room, the wooden furniture, musical instruments and more. 

Electronic humidistat BONECO 7052 can control the humidity level that suits you best, on the way to a humidifier or air dryer connect through this devices into electricity. When the humidity level reaches the desired level, humidity sensor will automatically turn off your humidifier / air dryer. In this way also save electricity. 

Special features:

  • for the control of humidifiers and air heaters
  • displays current and desired relative humidity, temperature and current time
  • functions humidistat, thermostat and timer
  • easy to use and compact
  • function of continuous operation


Electronic humidistat BONECO 7052 you can control the level of humidity and temperature that suits you best, so that your moisturizer or heater connect through this device to the power supply. It can also serve as a timer. 

It serves for use with the following devices:

  • Steam humidifier BONECO S150
  • Steam humidifier BONECO 2031

• can also control the operation of all other humidifier


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