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One device for all purposes!

  • Expandable concept: numerous accessories allow one fan can be used for various purposes
  • Advantage: lower investment expenditures, cheaper maintenance, more efficient storage, greater flexibility
  • Fans TTV Series are made according to the highest industry standards, are resistant to spray water and can be stacked on each other
  • All models TTV series are adapted to connect the filter bags for dust collection
  • a socket adapter for hose for ventilation, air distribution, collecting dust, or discharge of heat
  • TTV 4500 combi adapter for connecting up to 8 hose with a diameter of 100 mm or one hose diameter 450 mm

For faster drying, with each building air dryer should be placed fan that has a significant impact on the speed of drying, including the total time required for drying. Increased air circulation leads to faster evaporation, because as soon as the higher flow rate of air at the surface of walls and floors, and the faster the drying process. The time required for drying can be halved by using a dryer / fan combination.


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