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radiant heaters to direct combustion gases.


RL are radiant panels to direct combustion running either natural gas or propane (except RL7: natural gas only). 
Designed to be suspended at heights between 3 and 10 meters depending on the model, they are particularly recommended for heating jobs or work areas, as well as local high-rise open to the outside or uninsulated: places of worship, workshops, warehouses, agricultural and industrial buildings, garages ... with their infrared radiation that reaches directly people and objects without loss of energy in the air, the RL can heat very economically local whose occupation is not regular, or areas in large volumes or in open buildings on 'outside.



The RL is equipped with ceramic honeycomb panels of high quality. The combustion of the gas reaches a temperature of about 1000 ° C to the surface of the panels and allows to optimize the transmission of infrared rays. Delivering heating capacities from 6.2 to 25.7 kW, the RL moved to heights of between 3 and 10 meters depending on the model (see diagram below).



Infrared radiation RL directly warms people and objects without loss of energy in the air. They allow to heat only the really useful areas without long period of preheating. They are used to heat a whole large volumes or poorly insulated or open to the outside premises, areas or single workstations.


Simple to install

RL come fully assembled. Compact and lightweight, they are fixed to the wall at 25 ° or hang themselves easily. Their installation is limited to their attachment to the gas and electricity supply.



The RL will operate autonomously: they have an electronic ignition and a permanent flame control by ionization. Models 1 burner (RL) can be controlled either by a manual switch, an ambient thermostat, a clock or a timer (options). Models with 2 burners (RL / 2) additionally offer the possibility of operating the choices 1/2 or full power (optional selector). The RL can also be controlled by a control box that can control 30 devices and manage up to 4 differentiated heating zones.




  • roomthermostat resulting probe
  • Clock
  • timer
  • Regulation box with sensors and clock thermostat to control up to 4 zones.
  • Kits natural gas or propane (filter + regulator + stop valve)
  • gas supply hoses
  • Power selector for multi burner versions ...


WARNING ! The RL7 model can only function with a natural gas supply G20 or G25.




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