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Heating forced air electric suspended.


TR are electric heaters designed to be wall mounted. Simple to install and use them ideal for heating sealed and insulated local small and medium dimensions. 
These pulsed furnaces do not occupy floor space and demanding a power supply to operate. Do releasing odorless combustion gas they deliver healthy heat and can be used in confined volumes in the basement and in places where the presence of a flame is undesirable. They can heat fast, efficient and economical way of local professionals and places of public assembly: 
shops, exhibition halls, show-rooms, dining rooms, meeting rooms, bungalows, offices, workshops, garages, places worship, halls, carpentry, capitals, cellars ...




Simple to install

Requiring no fuel storage or flue, the TR are very easy to install: simply fix the bracket to the wall, connect the appropriate power supply (230V single phase for the TR 3, 380 V three-phase for TR 5, 9 and 15) and wire the control box (4 son cord). 
the wall bracket supplied as standard makes it easy to steer and safely TR a vertical angle up to 45 °.



TR are very simple to use: Just set the desired temperature on the room thermostat. Their operation is then performed fully automatically. This automation can be made even better by the addition of an optional timer.



Remote control

TR are supplied as standard with a remote control unit that can easily control the devices, even when installed at a considerable height. This control box comprises:

  • a room thermostat, which triggers the operation and stopping of the machine depending on the desired temperature,
  • a function selector that lets you use the device only choice in ventilation, with reduced power and full power
  • a terminal block allows both plug if necessary a daily or weekly programmer (Options) to select the operating hours.




Designed and manufactured in Europe, the TR feature a metal body coated with epoxy paint, armored elements and components with proven reliability. TR require only minimum maintenance (cleaning) and are ideal for intermittent or occasional use in mid-season, frost, even in an isolated room ...




TRs are equipped with protective grilles on the supply and aspiration. Wiring and electrical components are inaccessible without disassembly. They have an integrated overheat thermostat that automatically stops the machine in case of excessive internal temperature. Automatic operation does not require any monitoring and positioning height allows to easily out of reach of the public or of animals. They have a protection index IPX4.




  • daily clock
  • weekly timer
  • Timer




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