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Forced air heaters with direct combustion burner gas.


The GA and GA / N are furnaces forced to automatic, direct ignition combustion. They operate with an electrical connection 230 V single-phase supply and a propane or butane gas (GA and GA / N) or natural gas (GA / N only). Specially designed for use in very wet or dusty environments, they have a body and a stainless steel burner and a sealed enclosure. These characteristics associated with their high manufacturing quality make it well suited devices for heating or the retirement of livestock buildings gel, greenhouses, sheds and farm buildings, industrial, drying forage, concrete.


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Reliable Designed for use in the most difficult conditions, the GA and GA / N are equipped with proven components: stainless steel body - Stainless steel burner - Combustion chamber in stainless steel - class fan motor IP55 - IP65 electrical cabinet - Propellers light alloys resistant to corrosion.



The GA and GA / N receive a 100% thermal efficiency and deliver all their heat instantly with no warm-up period. Their burner is designed to minimize the emissions of CO, NOx and ethylene. Their heating capacities authorize mounted temperature very fast, their high airflow distributing the air very evenly in the premises. They also have a function selector for their only ventilation in operation for the hot season.



The GA and GA / N are devices designed to operate safely surveillance. Their ignition can be controlled manually or automatically via a room thermostat, a timer, a humidistat, a computer system or electronic climate control ... They have a thermostat overheating automatically stopping the operation of the device in case of excessive internal temperature, as well as an IP65 air flow controller.



The GA100C is designed to work exclusively with a propane gas supply (bottles or tanks). Comes ready to use with adjustable hose and gas regulator to modulate easily the power of the device as needed. It is also equipped as standard with a jack for connecting a sheath diameter 100 mm max length 5 meters to feed the outside air burner when the atmosphere in which the machine is too dusty or humid.



GA / N80C and GA / N100C

GA / N are designed to operate at choice propane or natural gas. They have a double solenoid gas valve to adjust the device settings according to the type of gas available. They must be fed under a pressure of 20 to 25 mbar for natural gas or 37 mbar with propane gas (flexible and regulators optional).



  • Room thermostat wired waterproof 10M
  • thermostatic clock
  • Clock
  • Timer 0 -12 H
  • humidistat
  • Natural gas regulator 300/20 mbar (GA / N)
  • gas kit 20 mbar with filter and stop valve (GA / N)
  • gas supply hoses (GA / N)
  • Lyres for connection to 3, 4 or 5 bottles of propane gas
  • Air intake hose diameter 100 mm burner length 5 M RATE (GA) ...




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