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Heating forced air suspension with oil or gas burners * Indirect combustion.


Intended to be positioned on a stand or suspended, the SOVELOR the FARM range are furnaces with indirect combustion that can equip the choice of fuel burners, propane or natural gas * *. On request, they can also be delivered without burner. From a price / performance of the most interesting, the FARM are recommended for frost protection or heating greenhouses, workshops, garages and storage buildings, heating installation for heating and for ERP integration of processes for heating or drying. * Except FARM 80: fuel burner exclusively



Equipped with heating capacities and high air flow rates, FARM devices are well suited to heating large volumes and long lengths.Their combustion chamber is equipped with a heat exchanger for the escape of gas burned on the outside and thus blowing a hot air clean, free of odor or smoke. They can optionally be equipped with air filter housings.



Simple to install, reasonable cost and providing high performance, the FARM used to heat, dry or freeze put off cheaply. Automatic operation, which can be managed by the room thermostat, associated with high thermal efficiencies generators, allows for significant energy savings.



Their build quality makes them reliable and efficient equipment, able to work in the toughest conditions:


  • • galvanized steel body impervious to corrosion,
  • Combustion chamber and stainless steel heat exchanger,
  • sealed electrical cabinet centralizing orders,
  • Fans with large air volumes,
  • Burners tested to the point of combustion techniques, safety and economy.Their operation is fully automatic and can be controlled by an optional room thermostat, clock ...




They offer a maximum level of security, allowing them unattended operation:

  • permanent flame control by ionisation for gas generators and photoelectric cell for fuel generators.
  • Automatic ignition transformer and high voltage electrodes.
  • overheating safety automatically stopping the generator in case of excessive internal temperature.
  • automatic cooling of the generator end of the cycle.
  • sealed electrical cabinet ...



The FARM benefit from a range of optional accessories to suit individual needs:

  • Axial or centrifugal fan (+ silencer).
  • multi-output starts to blow or multiple connection to ducting.
  • air filtration boxes
  • standard thermostat, sealed capillary or clock thermostat clock ...
  • blowing plenums to integrate into existing installations






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