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Forced air heating with oil or gas burners with indirect combustion.


To be suspended, placed on height or floor console, the JUMBO.S are forced hot air generators with indirect combustion that can be equipped either fuel burners, propane or natural gas. Their power and high air flow can heat quickly and economically premises up to more than 3000 M3, without occupying any floor space.



On a heating capacity of 104.7 and 133.7 KW, the JUMBO.S can quickly heat the premises without long period of pre-heating. Their high air flow rates (from 6000 to 8000 M3 / H) distribute heat evenly throughout the volume. The JUMBO.S have a switch "summer-winter" for their sole use for ventilation in the summer.



With high yields and thermostatic control burners, JUMBO.S are economic devices in use. Supplied with fuel burners or gas, JUMBO.S 105 and S. 135 generators are very simple to install: just connect to a fuel or gas supply to a socket 230 V single phase and connect them to a chimney.



The JUMBO.S manufacturing quality makes high-end devices:

  • rigid frame structure ensuring the generator.
  • stainless steel combustion chamber with a heat exchanger to yield hut.
  • lined body panels.
  • burners proven and advanced combustion techniques, safety and economy.
  • sealed cabinet with electrical protections.
  • bi-thermostat fan-limit ensuring control of the fan and making safe the generator in case of accidental overheating.
  • blowing plenum 4 sides with horizontal directional blades (possibility of closing two sides as required) ...



H or C JUMBO.S are available with two types of fans Differ 
ents: Version H: Axial: lighter and more compact, it is cheaper but noisier. 
Version C: Centrifugal: heavier, bulkier and more demanding starting current, it is quieter and recommended in the presence of staff



  • Consoles suspension
  • Kit feet for ground positioning
  • room thermostat control
  • Chimney units
  • fuel lift pump
  • Departure for air duct
  • Oil filter recycling
  • Fuel lift kit installed with over 3.5 million in altitude between the burner and the pumping level in the fuel tank.
  • integrated fuel tank:
    • JUMBO.S 105: 114 L
    • JUMBO.S 135: 139 L ...



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