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Heating electric radiant infrared quartz halogen IPX5.


IRC heaters are operating solely on electric power. To be suspended vertically or attached to walls thanks to their adjustable support, they are simple to install and use.Their warm-up and perception of heat is instantaneous. 
With an index of protection IPX5, they can install outdoors as indoors and are ideal for space heating tall, poorly insulated or open to the outside, used intermittently, workstations or areas in large volumes (workshops, warehouses, churches, shops, restaurants ...) but also to heat outdoor areas (patios, terraces, smoking areas, receptions, forums, sites ...)



Delivering power between 1500 and 4500 W *, IRC halogen lamps are equipped with anti-glare quartz superior emitting infrared radiation which directly heats people and objects, without unnecessary loss of energy in the air, silence and without ventilation. They deliver all their power within 2 seconds after commissioning, without preheating period. * 6000 W: contact us, custom production.



To install simple, fast and economical, the IRC allow substantial savings in heating only the desired areas, regardless of the overall volume or the tightness of the building, as well as the possible opening of the doors.They can be easily controlled by a switch, a room thermostat, a clock, a timer or detector to operate only when necessary.


Black or stainless steel

The IRC is available with 2 different body types:

  • Stainless steel (range CI), guarantee of longevity especially in outdoor use.
  • Black lacquered steel, cheaper and designed for operation in covered places (range CN). The 2 versions come standard protection and rotating supports grids (max angle = 45 °), and benefit from the index IPX5 protection for use outdoors even in the rain. Their quartz halogen lamp with tungsten filament with an average life of about 5000 hours (except piloting by presence detector).




IRC moved to heights between 2.2 and 4.5 million following the pattern and intensity of heat desired. They can be either suspended or wall mounted thanks to their adjustable stretcher that directs heat where desired (maximum angle = 45 °). The issuer should be away at least 50 cm from any wall or obstacle. IRC should not be installed in very dusty conditions, the accumulation of deposits on the lamp preventing it from dissipating its heat, greatly reducing its lifespan. KPIs can be used to heat a building as a whole, or only an isolated area. In this case it is best for comfort to outline the area on all sides by multiple devices rather than implanting a single radiant more powerful. In all cases the power installed must not exceed 400 W / M2





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