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forced air heating electric suspended IP55 - Sale and rent

The DS15i is a forced hot air generator running on a 380 V three-phase power supply, fitted with a tubular adjustable support for fixing to the wall or ceiling. With a body, grids and armored elements in stainless steel, with a sealed electrical box and an IP55 motor, it is designed to work in the premises or the atmosphere is very compelling: dust, moisture, weather, basements ... It is ideal for heating of barns, farm buildings, greenhouses, wash tunnels, capitals, galleries ...


Everything in its design has been thought for strength and durability. For this purpose, it has a thermostat FAN exclusively driving the fan: it works only when the supply air temperature is above 40 ° C. This avoids blow cold air on startup and to automatically cool the unit at the end of cycle. The DS15i comes standard with a remote control unit that can control the machine easily when installed so inaccessible height, and choice of one ventilation operation, 
at reduced power or full power. 
The DS15i has a socket for quick connection of a remote control: a sealed room thermostat, timer, clock (options) or system of automated climate management. Designed to work without safe monitoring, DS15i has a temperature safety thermostat with manual reset automatically stopping its operation in case of excessive internal temperature.



  • Room thermostat wired tight 10 meters
  • Clock
  • timer




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