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Heating gas aérodéstratificateurs indirect combustion. - Sale and rent

AGVs are furnaces pulsed modulating natural gas or propane gas. To be suspended for a blow down, they heat the premises while ensuring delayering: they recover the calories accumulated in the upper parts where they are useless to direct them to the ground and thus allow for significant savings fuel, increase the comfort in the indoor and artificially decrease the volume to be heated. They are particularly well suited to local high-rise or premises where floor space and against mature is counted, industrial or agricultural buildings, stores, warehouses, workshops, places of worship, reception halls, garages, halls , gyms ...



Featuring multi-torches atmospheric burners associated with a tubular heat exchanger 4 course, the AGV have a yield of over 91%, reduced consumption of quality. Their operation is fully automatic and they have a valve with integrated regulation which modulates the power of the generator depending on the temperature under the roof. This system allows to adapt very precisely the consumption of the generator depending on the ambient temperature without wasting energy.



Simple installation and commissioning, allows their automatic burner with thermostatic heat management rationally and economically. Their high efficiency heat exchanger minimizes the consumption of gas. In the case of bundled installation, only some of the generators or one of them can be operated to heat a given area, without requiring the operation of the entire plant. AGS also possible to maintain different temperatures in each zone of a room or a set.



AGVs are equipped with all the elements allowing their safe use: permanent flame control by ionization, reset overheat safety control airstats burner and ventilation ...


Simple to install

VFA hang in height with 4 M8 nuts. The blowing is done vertically to the ground. The air jet can be directed through the adjustable outlet grille comes standard. Powered by 230 V single phase, the AGV have a pilot wireless receiver which can control through a single wire operation of a 6 generators from a single thermostat.This function is regulating heating and reset remote security. The AGV can be connected to a single chimney outlet (B22) or concentric (C32) for sealed combustion with resumption of external combustion air.



  • suction Kits
  • fireplace kits
  • gas supply kits
  • Thermostat, clock
  • Consoles suspension
  • gas supply hoses.





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