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A heat recovery unit specifically designed for use in residential kitchens and utility rooms. The compact, self

contained unit is designed for through wall mounting. The unit has a constant trickle ventilation boosted by a

remote humidistat or a 3 speed controller. The compact, self contained unit is designed for through the wall

mounting. An optional range of sensors are available. The efficient, polymeric heat exchanger cube will

recover up to 75% of the heat from the extracted air, which would otherwise be lost, and transfers this to the

intake air. This reduces heating bills whilst maintaining extraction of cooking odours and steam without cross

contamination of the airflows. Available in three speeds: 60, 110 and 220 m3/h. Suitable for installation in a

kitchen. The unit is also suitable for light commercial requirements up to 220 m3/h. The compact cube

interleaves outgoing moist warm air with incoming fresh air and allows the heat from one to warm the other

without the two air streams mixing. Up to 75% of the heat, which would otherwise be lost, is transferred to

the intake air, ensuring energy saving balanced ventilation. The incoming air is tempered when it passes

over the heat exchanger providing the room with drier air, therefore the humidity level drops due to the

constant air movement preventing the air inside the room from becoming saturated with moisture. Energy is

saved on room heating with no power being used by the cube itself.

n Efficiency: the unit should retain between 65% - 75% of the temperature differential of out going air.

n Heat exchanger: should be of a multi plate cross-flow type constructed out of a polymeric plastic with sonic

welded joints.

n Motor: should be a 3-speed 240V 50Hz A/C with sleeve bearings,greased for life.It shall operate up to an

ambient temperature of 40oC and be fitted with a one shot thermal overload protective device.

n Fan: The two polymeric fan wheels should be a centrifugal forward curve type on a common shaft.

n Controls: the unit should be operated via a remote 3 Position switch, humidistat or a humidiswitch.

n Filter: should be a washable reticulated foam type coarse filter.

n Construction: the unit outer case should be manufactured from brown powder coated sheet metal

terminating in an external weather cowl.

n The internal grille should be white ABS.


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