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Product benefits

- Heating of your poultry house by the built in hot water radiator and distributing of the air by the built in frequency controlled fan horizontally above the bird level.

- Mixing of incoming fresh air during minimum ventilation with air underneath the roof and distributing the air by the built in frequency controlled fan horizontally above the bird level.

- Improved and healthy climate by perfect tem- perature, air and/or heat distribution in horizontal and vertical direction; Vertical temperature difference less than 0,5 degrees C.

- Improved litter conditions, dryer manure which results in reduced labour costs for removal.

- Reduced NH3-emission from the litter floor wich results in reduced mortality and improved breast meat quality.

- No open combustion in the poultry house which results in less toxic gasses as CO and CO2, no Oxygen is needed for combustion which results in less minimum ventilation.

- Reduction on heating costs because less mini- mum ventilation is needed and air underneath the roof is circulated to the bird level.

- Height Adjustable; to move the air flow to the needed bird level and to hoist the HHW-unit just above the roof to have easy access for removing the birds and cleaning the poultry house.

-NEW and UNIQUE: horizontal rotable air distribution plenum with 6 air blast unitswich can be adjusted to control the air flow and volume in the desired direction.Becouse of the angle of the air blast towards the ventilator, the air speed willbeequal when blown out of the air blast.

Easy to clean and maintain and washable with water: 

- Special coated radiator which is resistant against aggressive environments.
- IP65 frequency controlled 3 phase electrical fan.
- Housing made of stainless chromium steel.

All parts are made of heavy duty materials:


Heating Capacity kW 70
Input/output water temperature °C 80/65
Air volume M3/Hr 7400
Power supply V 3x 400
frequency Hz 50
Speed rpm 920
Max. current at 400V A 1,2
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 62
Dimensions (LxWxH) cm 140,5 x 114,5 x 111
Weight Kg 149
Speed controller RMB/T* RMT - 1,5
Inverter control* VFTM VFTM - Tri 0,37
Inverter control* VFKB VFKB - 45
Flow velocity M3/Hr 4,12
    * Three phase speed controllers 400V


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