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electric air curtains


Designed to meet the problem of doors and other passages that are frequently or always open to the outside, air curtains operate as barriers: they produce a high pressure air flow to the ground dramatically reducing thermal exchanges and losses between the inside and outside buildings. They create a very effective screen while maintaining free passage for people, machines and vehicles ...



RDA and RDC are positioned above the doors across the width of the passage. With their powerful fan they plan a cold air flow (RDA) or hot (DRC) that reaches the ground with a speed of more than 1.5 m / second, creating a very effective barrier against heat exchange, smoke, dust, odors ... They allow to easily isolate 2 atmospheres, unconstrained passage or heavy construction.



Discreet, silent, easy to install and use, air curtains to help keep indoor heat produced by a heating system, even at the premises where the doors are often open. Thanks to them a pleasant temperature can be maintained in places deemed inchauffables.RDA and RDC preserve air quality by minimizing dust input, odors, fumes, and insects in buildings. They also allow to confine volumes, the atmosphere or the temperature must be different from adjoining premises.



RDA and RDC can reduce energy losses (up over 75%) by preventing the warm air to escape and cold air to enter (and vice versa for cold rooms and summer for air-conditioned spaces) .This is a very fast return on investment, energy savings quickly covering the purchase and installation costs. Unlike lamellar doors, RDA and RDC are not afraid wear due to friction or cut away when passing vehicles or machines.



Air curtains are available in 2 variants:

  • The GDR, devoid of heating battery, which blow air to the building's temperature in which they are installed.
  • The RDC, equipped with electric heaters, which blow hot air (adjustable power). If the temperature of the blown air does not affect the effectiveness of an air curtain, heating of the supply air increases comfort and well-being of people in the building by eliminating the freshness sensation felt during passage through an air flow.



air curtains are characterized by their powerful air flow that should allow them to cover the entire height of the passage. They should be installed as close to the opening in at least cover the entire width. For that several air curtains of the same type but different widths can be can be easily associated to adapt better to the size of each passage.





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