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BS06 - acoustimeter for use in the environment, workplace and leisure

Exposure to excessive noise is one of the most significant causes of stress today. Hearing loss is not without reason one of the most common injuries in the workplace in the EU. Excessive noise is not only prohibited in the workplace, but is also the most important factor of stress in the home and outside it.

There are numerous regulations governing permissible noise levels in homes and workplaces, but are often ineffective due to lack of appropriate devices for measuring noise and determining the risk to human health.

BS06 digital sound meter is an ideal device for such applications:

BS06 is a robust and precise measuring device is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It has a full range of features that we would expect only at a much more expensive devices.

BS06 can reliably determine the source of the sound within the range 40 to 130 dB (A). The values that come from the area shown as MIN or MAX value.

The device has a protective sleeve and against the wind, which can be removed. The purpose of it is to remove the sound of the wind and other noises that may affect the quality of measurements.

An integrated sensor continually measures the ambient lighting and automatically includes the backlight in case of low light. This means that they are fast and reliable readings possible in every situation and easily readable on the large LCD screen.

Bundled with:

  • measuring device
  • protective cover against wind
  • purse
  • battery
  • Manual


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