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TROTEC BR15 meter microwave radiation




  • quick and easy measurement of radiation in the area 2:45 GHz
  • the optimal ratio of price and features
  • MAX and HOLD function
  • automatic visual and audible alarm when exceeding max.permissible values
  • backlit display
  • auto-shutdown
  • protective Case

Microwave radiation is not visible and has no smell but that does not mean it is not harmful. Measuring device Trotec BR15 is designed to measure the radiation from all the high-frequency devices working in the field 2:45 GHz, such as for example, microwave ovens in households, various mobile and WLAN networks, Bluetooth connection, the system for wireless transmission of video signals, a radio transmitter, remote controls and DECT phone.

Measuring device BR15 from MultiMeasure Basic Series allows you to measure the harmful microwave radiation and localize the source quickly and easily.

Whether leak microwave radiation coming from or WLAN router, mobile phone or transmitter, measuring device BR15 is able to reliably detect the source of harmful radiation and display the value of the digital indication, in the form of easily readable number on the screen.


If the detected value is above the maximum permissible value of 5 mW / cm2 (ICNIRP), BR15 will alert the user a visual and audible warning. 


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