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Radiant heaters indirect combustion gases.


The GTS radiant tubes are operating on a propane gas or natural gas supply *. With their infrared radiation, the GTS are perfectly suited for the heating zones or workstations, local large volumes, not isolated or open to the outside, loading docks, to gyms ... 
Settling in heights between 4.5 and 8 meters, the GTS are available in 3 lengths: 5.20 m (AWG 21), 6.60 m (AWG 33) and 9.46 m (AWG 47).
* GTS 47: gas only natural.



The product allows infrared radiation to directly heat the body and exhibits no loss of energy in the air. It makes the GTS insensitive to ambient temperature or volume of the room in which they are installed.



Infrared radiation GTS requiring no forced air within the premises, they produce their heat in silence, no air movement or dust. The operation of GTS can be controlled manually (switch) or automatic by controlling the temperature by thermostat resulting probe or control cabinet (options).



The GTS have a gas burner enclosed in a box independent of the mechanical extractor flue in order to minimize thermal stresses, the differential expansion of the tubes and simplify maintenance. This burner has an ignition high voltage and a safety pressure switch and by ionization, double solenoid and control box.



Delivering them quickly without unnecessary heat loss in ambient air and to heat only area in a large volume, the GTS are particularly economical devices in use. Their high efficiency (90%) limit their gas consumption to a minimum.






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