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Aspirator so Filter Kocka T-Series Wall Models



Extract/intake model in 4 sizes:

6”(150mm), 7”(190mm), 9” (230mm) & 12” (300mm).

n Patented electronic shutter system ensures quiet, troublefree


n Designed to comply with International safety standards.

n For the very best from your fan use the Ecotronic controller.

n Easy fit connector Top Socket, standard on all models.

n BEAB Approved.


Behind the grille of the T-Series Wall model is a range of

high performance extract/intake ventilating units designed

to fit through most wall thicknesses using telescopic liners


T-Series also features a

unique speed

control pack which enables

high, medium or low speed to

be preset to suit room size or

required duty.

T-Series controllers may be

used with this model to obtain

a choice of speeds, reversible

airflow direction and automatic

sensor operation. The

Vent-Axia Ecotronic controller

gives even greater running

economy with its minimum speed setting and ‘E’ mode.


TX models are supplied complete with an integral instantaneous

automatic louvre shutter which will operate on

both intake and extract and at any

angle of mounting.

When the ventilating unit is used

with a T Series controller, the shutter

can be set

open with the fan motor switched

off to provide natural ventilation


the security risk of an open window.

Electrical Motor purposedesigned.

Suitable for running at any angle.

Quiet running, enclosed. Suitable for operation in ambient

temperatures from -40OC to +50OC. Fitted with self resetting


Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.).

Supply voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz.


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