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Aspirator za Toaler WC COMGA Window Fans



Available in three sizes, 150mm (6”), 230mm (9”) and 300mm (12”).

n Intake-Extract automatic model with internal thermo-activated shutters.

n The stylish internal louvre incorporates the internal shutters which are built into the

grille so the internal profile of the fan is less obtrusive. These elegant and stylish units

will blend into the background and cover a wide variety of commercial applications

such as pubs, restaurants, hotels, offices, shops and factories.

n They are also suitablefor use in public sector areas such as service stations, hospitals,

schools and railway stations and are designed for heavy usage.

n Available in a soft neutral grey or traditional white, they will blend in with most decors

and surroundings.

n Another feature of the range is that on the grey models the external grille is moulded

in a dark grey so it will not be too obtrusive on the window line, and blend into the


n The grey commercial series does not require as much cleaning as their white counterparts.


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