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Thanks to the particular air handling section, Carisma Coanda cassette units generate an air flow with a "coanda" effect. The unit is suitable for installation in a suspended ceiling. Air intake is from the bottom while the air supply is parallel to the ceiling through practical and functional intake and outlet grids. 

The "coanda" effect creates excellent circulation of the air inside the room. Ec motors allows the decrease of electric consumption by more than 50% compared to traditional asynchronous motors. They enable to control the air flow continously and the ambient temperature with precision, with further benefits in terms of very low noise levels thanks to the reduced average working speed. 
Every unit can be supplied with 1 coil (two pipe system) and possibly an electric heating system, or with 2 coils (four pipe system) with one or two rows, for water supply at a low temperature. Fresh air can be mixed with room air. 
A condensate pump may also be supplied as an accessory. In addition to the conventional temperature and speed control systems, there is also the possibility to control operation of each unit through a single remote with central supervisor software installed on a PC (Sabianet).


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