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Humidifier and air washer BONECO 2055D combines three devices in one: humidifier, air purifier and air ionizer!  

Machine cleans and moisturizes the air without the use of filters.Special discs for cleaning and moisturizing constantly turning in the water. This method removes many impurities (eg, pollen and odors associated with particles) from the air on the way to them in nature purifies rain.

Humidification is performed on the principle of evaporation and if so, no additional controls to ensure optimum humidity. Humidifier BONECO 2055D is equipped with a special antibacterial protection known as ISS (Ionic Silver Stick - Ionic Silver Stick ).

Using the built-in ionizer, BONECO 2055D additionally ionized air and thus replaces the lack of negative ions in the air, and stale indoor air freshness back! 

He has ECARF awards for improving the quality of life for people prone to allergies. 

New digital control panel:
New control panel provides the ability to set the desired relative humidity ranging from 30 to 70% or the possibility of continuous operation. The digital display shows the current humidity in the room or the desired level of relative humidity. There is also light in the case of water in spremnku indicator when it is time to clean the device or to replace the ionic silver stick.



  • Air purification filter without washing and ionization
  • purifies the air in a natural way as the rain
  • automatic control of humidification on the principle of evaporation
  • Digital control of humidity
  • humidistat to set the desired humidity of 30 to 70% or the possibility of continuous operation
  • reminders for periodic cleaning of equipment, annual replacement of ISS, loss of water in the tank
  • auto power off when there is no science in the tank or when lifting the upper part of the device
  • drives the vanes for optimal humidification
  • ISS (Ionic Silver Stick - ionic silver wand) keep clean water
  • noise level of less than 25dBA (volume baby breathing during sleep)
  • containers for scented oils * tank * Cable transparent and removable water tank


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