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BIOZONE Powerzone And Air Purifier



Biozone Powerzone air cleaner - ideal for rapidly disinfecting rooms and quickly remove odors

Powerzone the new series Biozone product in an aluminum housing. They are capable of very efficiently and quickly remove allergens, tobacco smoke and other odors that are strongly retained in car seats and other materials. Using Powerzone air cleaner can be easily, quickly and permanently remove odors in used vehicles. In this way increases the value of a used vehicle, and traders used vehicles increases the number of customers because vehicles exude freshness, odor and allergens. By doing that, the used cars seem like new, gets the edge over the competition, persuade new customers and increase revenue.

Powerzone air purifiers are also used in hotels and shelters, or wherever there is a need for fast and efficient removal of odors and disinfection of premises, such as hotel rooms, bathrooms and sanitary facilities, storage of waste, hospitals, etc.


Biozone air purifiers use a unique, patented PureWavetechnology that combines several different methods to clean air:

  1. Air enters the device and passes through the cleaning chamber. In doing so exposes highly intense ultraviolet (UV) light source produced by the photochemical process that destroys bacteria, viruses, fungus and breaks down harmful gases.
  2. The particles contained in the air, such as dust and smoke are removed from the air and rammed electrically negative ions and photoelectrons.
  3. Wavelength specially designed UV lamps also bring air into a higher energy state by producing highly active gas state which contains excited atoms and molecules, ionized gases, radicals and free electrons. This excited state called fotoplazmomthat effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, breaks down harmful smells like smoke and volatile organic compounds, and also neutralizes odors.
  4. Purified air goes back into the room carrying a full cleaning power fotoplazme. Produced fotoplazma operates in a completely natural way, using the full power of negative ions, hydroxyl radicals and ozone, which then circulate air seeking and destroying contaminants and odors, no matter where they are, leaving the room fresh and clean.

Applications model Biozone Powerzone:

- Used cars, yachts and ships, hotels and accommodation, sanitary facilities in restaurants and other catering facilities, storage areas for waste, hospital


Biozone Powerzone I 
Biozone Powerzone II


  • modern design
  • a housing made of high quality materials and resistance to violent behaviors
  • does not conceal odors but it really removes
  • clean and disinfect air and surfaces in used vehicles, hotel rooms and sanitary facilities
  • very cheap and easy maintenance
  • three-year warranty
  • increasing customer satisfaction and guests, and contributes to improved image


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